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junction-box-mountable roller blinds controller srp-22
Junction-box-mountable radio receivers are end-point components of the EXTA LIFE system, allowing for control of various devices, such as lamps, roller blinds, entry gate and garage door drives. Bidirectional communication between receivers and the controller ensures that the mobile app always shows the current state of the receivers. This mode of communication also makes it possible to remotely change chosen parameters of the receivers, and to remotely assign transmitters. This is done directly from the level of the controller, without any need to physically access the receivers. The implemented packet encryption algorithm ensures safety of the control process. Receivers may also be directly controlled by transmitters, with the controller bypassed. Multiple transmitters can be assigned to one receiver, which allows for independent control from multiple locations. The receivers are designed to be placed inside a standard junction box, and be in-wall or surface-mounted. The presence of additional cable connections, fully configurable from the controller, enhances control functionality. The receivers are equipped with a built-in remote update feature, which allows to update receiver software from the level of the controller, a feature that can be useful in situations, when a new functionality is introduced in the system.

Exta life is a solution that is comfortable, completely safe, and also affordable.

Bidirectionality, enhanced logical functions, encryption of transmitted data, ability to control devices remotely, automatic component detection, and free-of-charge receiver auto-updates are features that definitely make exta life smart home stand out among other solutions currently available on the market.

The exta life system allows for comfortable and efficient control of lights, roller blinds, entry gates, heating, and other electrical devices, not only with the help of radio transmitters, but also by using smart phones and tablets from any location world-wide.

product features
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remote roller blinds control
The SRP-22 controller allows for positioning roller blinds in any chosen position. The position of any roller blind can be checked at any time.
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roller blinds automatically close, and lights turn on
The exta life smart home controls roller blinds operation, while coordinating it with the status of the lighting. The roller blinds automatically open in the morning, and close at dusk. At that very moment the lighting is smoothly turned on.
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control from many locations
The SRP-22 receiver can be simultaneously controlled by many different transmitters, ensuring ultimate user comfort.
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manual control with the help of wall-mounted switches
The roller blind controllers can also be controlled individually, with the help of local switches, in groups, or centrally. The functioning of each of the controllers is programmed individually.
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receiver auto-update
SRP-22 allows for automatic software updates in the device. Thanks to this, the automation never becomes obsolete..
technical specifications
Designation: SRP-22
Rated supply voltage: 230 V AC
Rated frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Rated power consumption: 0,45 W – stand-by mode
Control method: wireless and wired
Transmission: radio waves – ISM 868 MHz band ( 868,50 MHz )
Transmission method: bidirectional – 9600 bps
Encryption: algorithm based on 128-bit key
Operating range: up to 330 m in open area
Visual signalling (transmission / programing): LED RGB
Maximum number of paired switches: 96 pairs
Information on current status of receiver: yes – in EXTA LIFE mobile app (% of roller blind degree of closing)
Operating modes in cooperation with transmitters system EXTA LIFE: local, central, 2 „favorite” settings
Operation modes in cooperation with EFC-01 controller: open, close, % of roller blind degree of closing set with a slider maximum 4 “favorite” settings
Number of external inputs: 2
Cooperation with switches for blinds*: only push buttons, single or double buttons
Operation mode for external input*: local or central – 2 “favorite” settings for local mode
Time of roller blind movement**: programmable in the 1s to 10 min. range
Parameters of relay contacts: 2NO 5 A / 250 V AC AC3 2500 VA (voltage contacts)
Maximum load: 350 W (2 A) – class AC3
Supported motors: jsingle-phase 230 VAC with limit switches or overload
Operating temperature range: -10 to +55 °C
Housing protection class: IP20
Safety class: II
Dimensions: 47,5 x 47,5 x 20 mm
Weight: 0,040 kg
Compliant with standards: PN-EN 60669, PN-EN 60950, PN-EN 61000
PN-ETSI EN 300 220-1, PN-ETSI EN 300 220-2

The external inputs operation mode (local / central) is programmable exclusively from the level of the mobile app, in conjunction with the EFC-01 controller. By default, the inputs are set to work in local mode. The type of button (single or double) can be programmed from the level of the mobile app or via hardware (shorting of external inputs). The “favorite” settings for radio transmitters and external inputs (in local mode) can be programmed from the level of the app or from the controller level. The “favorite” settings are programmed independently for radio transmitters and external (local) inputs, as well as for calls from the level of the mobile app
** The time of roller blind movement can be programmed from the level of the controller and from the level of the mobile app, in conjunction with the EFC-01 controller.